Access to Education


This academic year 2016-17, kids from participating schools in India and Spain will write and share articles and opinions on the topic under discussion this year: Access to Education. The following weeks they will post their contributions (articles and video-presentations) on their Kidsblog

In this edition participating schools are: Parikrma Jayanagar (India), Parikrma Nandini Layout (India), Institut de Gurb (Spain) and Escola Carme Auguet (Spain).

After the research/presentations stage, students will participate in virtual cross-cultural exchanges and they will collaborate to create digital stories about Access to Education with Scratch .

Stay tuned! 

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  1. There is no doubt that this is truly a wonderful step taken by India and Spain. More and extra interest develop when competition is between two countries. I really appreciate Parikrma Jayanagar, Institut de Gurb, Parikrma Nandini Layout, and Escola Carme Auguet school systems for this wonderful step. In such a way, student will do more and more learning theories as well as their confident will also boost up leaps and bounds. Thanks for the nudge!