Inventors4Change 2016-17. About to start again!

We are already designing new creative learning activities for the next edition of project Inventors4Change. This academic year students of Parikrma schools (India), and Escola Carme Auguet and Institut de Gurb (Catalonia) will experience cross-cultural exchanges and connected learning activities, they will investigate the new topic (Access to Education) on their own, and will create collaborative stories and animations with Scratch.

In addition, in January and February, our team will travel to India to work with the participating schools (and also with other schools and educational projects: Shanti Bhavan School, The Valley School, Project DEFY). During those weeks we will conduct teacher training and workshops for children. We are preparing a bunch of STEAM and maker activities including: scribbling machines, LEGO art machines, cardboard automatas, LEGO tinkering with legged walkers (like the one in the photo), MIT App Inventor, Scratch, underwater robots and rescue robots.

Soon we will publicly launch a new spin-off project of Inventors4Change: the project InventEUrs. It is a new European initiative with funding from the European Comission and partners in Spain, Italy, Romania and the United Kingdom. Stay tuned!

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