What we do

We design learning experiences for children and young people to help them become more creative, critical and develop positive values. Through Creative Computing, Computational Thinking, STEAM methodologies, Tinkering or Maker education, we try to help children and young people from vulnerable communities to develop their creativity, critical thinking, empathy, curiosity and teamwork skills. All this so that they can become changemakers in their communities, develop a voice of their own, and learn to use technology as a way of expression and creation.
We do all this through workshops working directly with the children, teacher trainings, or by connecting schools with each other and promoting co-creation between teachers and students from different parts of the world.


Although during the evolution of the project partnerships have been created with schools, universities and NGOs in different parts of the world, when we use the label 'Inventors4Change' we refer mainly to our initiatives in the Indian schools and organizations where the project started:

Examples. See our work

Here are a couple of videos showing the work done through Inventors4Change, especially its collaborative and co-creation dimension between schools.