First contributions

Participating children in Catalonia have already begun to share their team video-presentations and their opinions on Acces to Education through their collaborative blog. You can check it here.

This is what Jana and Clàudia (8th graders) from Institut de Gurb said:
We think that the topic of this project [Access to Education] is very interesting. Besides it is totally appropriate for us. By carrying out this project, we have the opportunity to learn English, to practice Scratch and also to enrich ourselves when talking to our Indian colleagues. Although this project seems quite difficult for us, we feel really inspired and we are eager to start. From our point of view, the right to education is extremely important. We have learnt that this is one of the goals for sustainable development that UN wants to achieve by 2030. That would be grateful, but we think it might be difficult. One of the greatest activists who stands for this right is Malala Yousafzai, who was attacked when she was coming back from school.
And here the video-presentations of  children at Escola Carme Auguet and Institut de Gurb. To talk in English is a big challenge for them, but a great opportunity!

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