Learning from and with old people

This is the fifth edition of the Inventors4change program. This school year the chosen topic that children will investigate is: "Learning from and with old people".

Children from 8 schools in 3 different countries (Catalonia, Colombia and India) will explore this topic, get to know each other, and carry out digital collaborative projects.

In the photo above these lines you can see the participating students of the El Petit Plançó School. And below, the participating students from Institut-Escola de Besalú and Parikrma Schools (Jayanagar and Nandini Layout). Soon we will also introduce you to the participating students from Colombia.

3 comentaris:

  1. Hello, I am a teacher from Colombia and I would like the institution where I work to participate in this experience. I am currently working with strategies such as Motion Maker, Programming, Gamification and Project-Based Learning.

    1. Hola Eliott, gracias por tu interés. Este curso escolar ya hemos empezado, pero quizás podéis uniros el próximo. Escribenos un email a la dirección que encontrarás en la sección de contacto de inventors4change.org

      Gracias! :)

  2. Hello Eduard we hope to see you soon in your collaborative learning workshop in ICESI university cali, colombia