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Inventors4Change wants to provide children with tools, techniques and knowledge that let them invent the changes they want to see in the world. It consists of a network of schools and organizations which use Technologies for Creative Learning and Digital Media tools to foster Invention-Based Collaborative Learning among children from different countries. The project is particularly focused on children from underserved communities and children's inventions are inspired by Sustainable Development challenges.


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While our students in India and Spain are researching on the refugee crisis topic to then share their thoughts through our new kids blog, we have good news to share: our project has been highlighted by WISE ed.hub, an initiative to help practitioners share their knowledge and experience, building bridges between challenges and solutions. 
The ed.hub is a platform where experts and practitioners support each other by engaging in conversations on particular education issues. It allows thinkers and doers to connect and explore new collaborations and partnerships to tackle educational challenges. 

The ed.hub also showcases innovative projects and successful practices that have had a transformative impact on education and societies. Projects featured here cover a variety of fields, a wide range of sectors and all regions of the world.
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The refugee crisis


Today we release a new blog, where kids from participating schools in India and Catalonia will share their thoughts, ideas and opinions on the refugee crisis.

This phase of the project will be developed over the coming weeks in November and December. After this, in January mixed teams will be created and kids will begin their collaborative work and their vitual exchanges.

In this link you will be able to follow their discussion during the following weeks: