Welcome to Inventors4Change

Inventors4Change wants to provide children with tools, techniques and knowledge that let them invent the changes they want to see in the world. It consists of a network of schools and organizations which use Technologies for Creative Learning and Digital Media tools to foster Invention-Based Collaborative Learning among children from different countries. The project is particularly focused on children from underserved communities and children's inventions are inspired by Sustainable Development challenges.


Characters and backgrounds come together

Indian teams have been working very hard on their backgrounds. Projects of the Catalan teams have already been reinvented, and now their characters have backgrounds where the animated stories will be developed.

All projects are being shared in the Scratch gallery for Inventors4Change: http://scratch.mit.edu/studios/278075/



Connecting Salt and Koramangala

Between Salt —a municipality in Catalonia— and Koramangala —a locality in Bangalore, India— there is a distance of 7.800 Km. These days children of Escola Veïnat in Salt and children of Parikrma Centre for Learning in Koramangala are working together through the Internet. They are getting to know each other and they are using Scratch to create projects on Gender Equality. After the children in Catalonia have created characters for their interactive stories, is now the turn of the children in India, whom will design the backgrounds.