Virtual exchange between Koramangala and Gurb

Today some kids of Parikrma Centre for Learning in Koramangala held a videoconference with kids of Institut de Gurb.

They have been talking in English, have introduced themselves, have spoken of their respective countries, and even have taught each other words and expressions in their mother tongues: Kannada, Tamil and Catalan.

This is the stage of the project where teams begin to know each other before they develop collaborative projects on this year's topic: the refugee crisis. So far each school had been investigating the topic, and sharing opinions and thoughts on our KidBlog.

Here you can see a very short video of this very nice virtual exchange. 

1 comentaris:

  1. Excellent video, guys!
    So good to see you.
    We hope to do it again.
    Zoe & Oriol