Let's the adventure begin! (again)

Today, as part of the fieldwork that our team develops in India, we have started our creative learning activities at Parikrma Centre for Learning in Koramangala, Bangalore.  

It was great to meet again with the children and teachers. This is the third consecutive year that we collaborate with Parikrma Humanity Foundation, an organisation that educate over 1500 children from 69 slum communities and four orphanages in Bangalore.

Today a group of 16 students from different classes were introduced to the project. We made 4 teams of 4, and they already started blogging and commenting on this year's topic (the refugee crisis) in our KidBlog.

These next few days, before Indian children start their collaborative work with Catalan children, we will conduct some activities to promote creativity, critical thinking and teamwork; all with the help of creative learning technologies (such as educational robotics, Scratch, Makey-Makey and many more).

Stay tuned!

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