What we do

"To understand is to invent".
Jean Piaget


In short, Inventors4Change connects children from around the world and encourages them to become agents of change in their communities with the help of Technologies for Creative Learning and Digital Media tools. 


Inventors4Change promotes Invention-Based Collaborative Learning among teams comprising children from different countries. We launch online challenges related to Sustainable Development issues (human rights, poverty, gender, equality, global warming, etc..) and children express, build and share their own inventions and solutions using digital tools and the Internet. The idea is to encourage children to do "work that matters" and learn to express themselves creatively and critically by using new technologies.

A part of the online project, we also conduct field training in schools. Our team has traveled to India several times to train teachers and conduct workshops with children.


We have started with six schools in South India and three schools in Catalonia (Spain), but the idea is to open the project and create a wide network of organizations and schools from around the world. We are especially interested in collaborating with schools, organizations and educational projects involved in the education of children from disadvantaged communities. 


We strongly believe that computational thinking, design thinking and our model of learning help develop creativity, critical thinking and teamwork among children. 

When such learning takes place in underserved communities, then we are also helping those children to become agents of change, more creative and innovative, and increasingly aware of their social realities and motivated to make positive changes.