Virtual exchange between Jayanagar and Salt

Today we connected India and Catalonia again. Some children of Parikrma school in Jayanagar and children of Veïnat school in Salt had a great video conference. In a world that requires multi-lateral and cross-cultural cooperation, education exchanges are really important to prepare next generations.

Participating children introduced themselves, talked about their cities, their countries, they practiced English, they learned words and expressions in Kannada and Catalan, but above all, they had a great time!  

The following weeks they will continue their work about the refugee crisis in their KidBlog, they will create presentations, an on March they will start their collaborative work and will create and share animations, stories and computer games.

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  2. Virtual exchange is basically an advancement in the industry. This has made me wonder on how the things are changing and advancing. The pace with which the world is moving is real fast. It would be correct to say that the pace is also increasing as the days are passing by. Let’s talk about the education industry. Decades ago, it was quite different from what it is today. Decades back, education was restricted for riches only. Now with online education, it is accessible from anywhere, anytime. People are also gaining online life experience degree by enrolling for online programs from the leading online institutes. So the point is, the world is advancing and it is important for everyone to move with time.

  3. That is always great to axchange the experience that you have with the people that are needed it.