Education for Global Citizenship, The Brussels Proposal

On June 24-25 we attended the Conference on Education for Global Citizenship in Brussels. During the conference 100 academics, practitioners, institutions, students and educators have contributed together to the “Brussels Proposal – Towards a new direction for Education”. CONCORD Europe took the initiative to organise the conference in partnership with Oxfam Interational, the North-South Centre, Beyond2015, UNESCO, Education International, the Global Campaign for Education, Engagement Global, CIVICUS and in support of the Global Education First Initiative.

Here you can find the full text, and below we share the concept of  Education for Global Citizenship (EGC). From Inventors4Change we totally agree with this definition, and we will integrate the concept into our project.
EGC is integral to quality education, enabling learners to acquire the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes that can support them being active and responsible, global citizens. EGC is grounded in a rights-based approach to education, utilises learner-centred participatory pedagogy (including peer-to-peer and lifelong learning), and concerns all education stakeholders across sectors. EGC should be embedded within all subjects, across learning environments and integrated into all education pathways (formal, non-formal and informal education). EGC should also be developed to suit local contexts. EGC is based on an understanding of the purpose of education as going beyond the acquisition of knowledge and cognitive skills, to transforming the way people think and act individually and collectively.
This is not new, and this education already exists in many continents, schools and communities in many forms and different practices. Education for Global Citizenship will need to be built on all these traditions such as Education for Sustainable Development, Development Education, Global Education, Human Rights Education and Peace Education.


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