Welcome to Inventors4Change

Inventors4Change brings together the projects that the UdiGitalEdu group of the University of Girona has been developing in India since 2013. The common objectives of the different initiatives are: (1) to explore new ways of learning and teaching with the help of Creative Computing and Maker Education; (2) to train teachers in schools for underprivileged children in the Bangalore area; (3) to connect these schools with schools in other countries to encourage children to co-create.


Hack yor window with Scratch - Family creative learning

Now that, because of the confinement due to the COVID19, we look at the world from the window, in Inventors4Change we propose a family creative learning activity with Scratch, that can be done during the confinements.

Just take a picture of a window at home, and using Scratch, turn it into a computer game, or into an animated story, an art project, etc. The possibilities are endless, you just have to imagine.

Visit this website for tips and instructions, and if you participate don't forget to put your project in this Scratch studio.