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Inventors4Change brings together the projects that the UdiGitalEdu group of the University of Girona has been developing in India since 2013. The common objectives of the different initiatives are: (1) to explore new ways of learning and teaching with the help of Creative Computing and Maker Education; (2) to train teachers in schools for underprivileged children in the Bangalore area; (3) to connect these schools with schools in other countries to encourage children to co-create.


Children in Salt have started posting

Sixth-graders at Veïnat School in Salt have already started publishing their contributions on our Inventors4Change Kidblog. They have done their work based on public photographs of refugees, which have been examined and discussed. Then they debated among themselves, shared their opinions and proposed solutions. Finally they published their posts on the blog.

They say such beautiful things as:
We think that this people don’t have to be there, having cold. 
We think it is sad to see people alone, without their family. 
The refugees are not guilty of this problem. 
We think that they have the same right that the other people to be happy. 
Our solution is give them a home where they can be happy, without having to worry for the problems and for the war in their countries.


Visit our project page at WISE ed.hub

While our students in India and Spain are researching on the refugee crisis topic to then share their thoughts through our new kids blog, we have good news to share: our project has been highlighted by WISE ed.hub, an initiative to help practitioners share their knowledge and experience, building bridges between challenges and solutions. 
The ed.hub is a platform where experts and practitioners support each other by engaging in conversations on particular education issues. It allows thinkers and doers to connect and explore new collaborations and partnerships to tackle educational challenges. 

The ed.hub also showcases innovative projects and successful practices that have had a transformative impact on education and societies. Projects featured here cover a variety of fields, a wide range of sectors and all regions of the world.
Click here to visit our project page at ed.hub.



The refugee crisis


Today we release a new blog, where kids from participating schools in India and Catalonia will share their thoughts, ideas and opinions on the refugee crisis.

This phase of the project will be developed over the coming weeks in November and December. After this, in January mixed teams will be created and kids will begin their collaborative work and their vitual exchanges.

In this link you will be able to follow their discussion during the following weeks: 


Inventors4Change starts again!

For the third consecutive year we started again the Inventors4Change project. New schools have joined the initiative, and we have many news to tell you. 

Last July we presented the project at DML 2015 Conference in Los Angeles and all the feedback and ideas we heard there will help us improve the quality of the initiative. 

Again we got financial support from the Development Cooperation Office of the UdG, and this will allow us continue our fieldwork in South India. We will conduct workshops for children and teacher trainings in some schools for underprivileged children. 

Stay tuned!


Characters and backgrounds come together

Indian teams have been working very hard on their backgrounds. Projects of the Catalan teams have already been reinvented, and now their characters have backgrounds where the animated stories will be developed.

All projects are being shared in the Scratch gallery for Inventors4Change: http://scratch.mit.edu/studios/278075/



Connecting Salt and Koramangala

Between Salt —a municipality in Catalonia— and Koramangala —a locality in Bangalore, India— there is a distance of 7.800 Km. These days children of Escola Veïnat in Salt and children of Parikrma Centre for Learning in Koramangala are working together through the Internet. They are getting to know each other and they are using Scratch to create projects on Gender Equality. After the children in Catalonia have created characters for their interactive stories, is now the turn of the children in India, whom will design the backgrounds.


Designing characters for their interactive stories about gender equality

After being introduced to the issue of Gender Equality, the participating children in Catalonia are already designing characters for the interactive stories they will create with Scratch. After that, their counterparts in India will create the backgrounds.


Back on track! Video presentations

We have restarted the project a few weeks ago, now with two new schools: Parikrma Centre for Learning in Jayanagar (Bangalore, India) and Institut de Gurb (Catalonia).

During the first days teams in Catalonia and India were presented to each other through photos and videos. This year's topic is Gender Equality, and children are already starting to create characters for their animations using Scratch.

Here you can watch a video recorded at Escola Veïnat, and below there is a list with some more videos already uploaded.

Institut de Gurb:
Escola Veïnat: