Welcome to Inventors4Change

Inventors4Change brings together the projects that the UdiGitalEdu group of the University of Girona has been developing in India since 2013. The common objectives of the different initiatives are: (1) to explore new ways of learning and teaching with the help of Creative Computing and Maker Education; (2) to train teachers in schools for underprivileged children in the Bangalore area; (3) to connect these schools with schools in other countries to encourage children to co-create.


Education For All Global Monitoring Report

Today UNESCO released the 2013/4 Education for All Global Monitoring Report. We think that this report about "Teaching and learning: Achieving quality for all" is interesting for all people who follow our project or participate in it. It shows why education is pivotal for development in a rapidly changing world, and explains how investing wisely in teachers, and other reforms aimed at strengthening equitable learning, transform the long-term prospects of people and societies. 

We highly recommend you read it.


An example of children's collaborative work. India-Catalonia

Children from Veïnat school and Carme Auguet school have already started creating Scratch scripts to program their stories about children's rights. They have been adding new characters, designing the stories, creating dialogues, and making animations.

Below you can see and example of an animation. The character was created by children of Parikrma School (Bangalore, India), the background by children of Veïnat School (Salt, Catalonia), and now children of Veïnat created an animation by adding a new costume to the character. It's just the beginning of the story, but you can already see their impressive collaborative work! The project is made on Scratch. Clicking the green flag runs the project.


Children have already started to create stories about children's rights

After the Christmas holidays our children started to create stories about children's rights with the characters and backgrounds they already had designed. Here below you can see an example of a conversation held between children from schools Carme Auguet and Veïnat. After inventing the story collaboratively, and after reaching a consensus, children will begin to program it. Both the conversation and the programming are made with Scratch.


Learning to code to fight against inequality among children

Yesterday our project was featured on the catalan newspaper Diari Ara. Nereida Carrillo wrote an article with an overview of learn-to-code initiatives in Catalonia and around the world. Part of the report highlighted initiatives focusing in disadvantaged groups of children, and our project was one of such.