Welcome to Inventors4Change

Inventors4Change wants to provide children with tools, techniques and knowledge that let them invent the changes they want to see in the world. It consists of a network of schools and organizations which use Technologies for Creative Learning and Digital Media tools to foster Invention-Based Collaborative Learning among children from different countries. The project is particularly focused on children from underserved communities and children's inventions are inspired by Sustainable Development challenges.


Backgrounds for each character

The children of Veïnat and Carme Auguet schools have been very busy designing backgrounds for each of the characters drawn in India. The results are impressive. Visit our project gallery to see all their works. In addition to designing the background, children also wrote in English the reasons that led them to choose those designs. In a future stage children in India and Catalonia will discuss and decide what happens in the story, game or animation they are creating.


Development, digital innovation and children

Technological revolution is global but how can it positively impact development and children's lives? We think that this UNICEF debate about Development, digital innovation and children is closely related to the scope of our project. We share the video and we invite you to read the expert commentaries to understand why ICT support social and economic development.