Welcome to Inventors4Change

Inventors4Change brings together the projects that the UdiGitalEdu group of the University of Girona has been developing in India since 2013. The common objectives of the different initiatives are: (1) to explore new ways of learning and teaching with the help of Creative Computing and Maker Education; (2) to train teachers in schools for underprivileged children in the Bangalore area; (3) to connect these schools with schools in other countries to encourage children to co-create.


Check the first presentations!

Some of the participating schools are already sending their first presentation projects. Below you can try and play a project uploaded by two students of Shanti Bhavan: Kishore and Subash. First of all Kishore and Subash present themselves, then they encourage us to play a game, and if we get out of the maze then they continue the presentation. The project is made on Scratch. Clicking the green flag runs the project.

If you can not see the project try it here


First pictures

The children of Carme Auguet school already started the project. They were divided into teams and now they are taking pictures of themselves and the school to include them in their Scratch projects. In this post you can see the first pictures of them working.




During the first two weeks the children grouped in teams will present themselves and their schools by making a Scratch project.

The idea is that children in India and Catalonia learn a little about their different contexts and realities, and begin to know each other before starting their collaborative work.

We will post the projects as they come in, so stay tuned!


3, 2, 1... Start!

We are pleased to announce that our pilot project is already underway. It will take place from October 2013 to January 2014. In this first phase there are four participating schools: two from South India and two from Catalonia (Spain). Each school has selected a group of students of different ages, and the organizers have designed mixed teams of children from India and Catalonia. Each of these teams uses Scratch to invent a story/game/animation collaboratively and related to a Human Development challenge.  

For details of participating schools you can visit the pilot section in our site.